India Sudar Educational and Charitable Trust Contributors History
Start Date
End Date
Udhayakumar V Founder 15-Feb-2004 Till Date
Udhayakumar V President 29-Oct-2017 Till Date
Balamanikandan K Managing Trustee 29-Oct-2017 Till Date
Athi S Trustee 14-Apr-2007 Till Date
Dineshkumar D Trustee 03-Sep-2020 Till Date
Karthikeyan M Trustee 03-Apr-2011 Till Date
Muthukkavin S Trustee 17-Jan-2016 Till Date
Raghavendra Prasad A R Trustee 03-Apr-2011 Till Date
Rajveer Singh Trustee 03-Apr-2011 Till Date
Sargunan T Trustee 15-Feb-2004 Till Date
Vinod S M Trustee 26-Sep-2010 Till Date
Balamanikandan K Trustee 03-Jan-2009 29-Oct-2017
Prashanth L A Trustee 03-Jan-2009 26-Sep-2010
Sivanarayanan P Trustee 06-Apr-2008 26-Sep-2010
Hari T Trustee 14-Apr-2007 06-Apr-2008
Ravikumar K Trustee 14-Apr-2007 03-Apr-2011
Suresh R Trustee 15-Feb-2004 17-Jan-2016
Karuppuswamy T Trustee 15-Feb-2004 07-Apr-2007
Seetharaman D Trustee 15-Feb-2004 07-Apr-2007
Parthiban E Trustee 15-Feb-2004 29-Oct-2017
Udhayakumar V Managing Trustee 15-Feb-2004 29-Oct-2017

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