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India Sudar KA Team Meeting

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  1. RAVI
  3. ANIL
  5. VINOD


  1. India Sudar KA Team Activity Planning
  2. Initiate activity for Fund raising.




Agenda Discussed & Decided

Action Owner



1 - NBD


Fund is the major road blocker as of now. We needed approx. 2.5 - 3 L to full fill this activity this year. Request to all members to start raising funds for NBD. 


Action Items:

1.      Ravi : To tap Samsung funds .. Approx Ravi would try to raise 50K

2.      Vinod & Raaghu: Approx to raise 60K

3.      Raaghu, Ram & Prashanth: Finalise the team structure who would go for NBD. Considering the volunteers from IISC, Sumsung & IBM. Ravi would give the approx number of volunteers from Samsung and Vinod to give from IBM and Prashanth to sort out from IISC.

4.      Vinod to give list of more schools to be included.

 Suggestion: We will keep the last option use the India Sudar Group to raise the funds. Reason being that we are having other activities which are going in parallel and for the same we require regular funds. 




2 – Career Guidance

1.       Tamil to English

a.       Sankara would do the Translation from Tamil to English. Estimation time of completion is 2 weeks from the day when Ravi gives the Tamil version

b.       Ravi to Forward the soft copy of Tamil Career Guidance

c.       Anil & Vinuta would do English to Kannada. Estimation time of completion is 2 weeks from the day when English version is ready.

2.       Idea is to publish Kannada Version of Career Guidance before the NBD and use in NBD.




3 – Donation Box

1.  Anil to deploy one Donation Box in Juniper Networks.

2.  2nd Donation box to be decided.




4 – Fund Raising

1.       Ravi has got one lead in Commercial Street who has agreed to print the Greeting Cards @ Rs 5. This includes the envelop charge. Earlier the cost per greeting card was coming to Rs 9 excluding envelop. Ravi to initiate to print 2500 Cards from commercial street lead.

2.      T-Shirts : IS T-Shirts are ready and available with Ravi. Cost of each T-Shirt is Rs 300.Actual T-Shirt cost is Rs 200. Difference amount is for IS account.

3.      Raaghu has taken 9 T-Shirts to sell.

Open Items: Next set for T-Shirts needs to be finalized. Planning to go for Sweat Shirt with smaller IS logo. Suggestions needed here.

 Need to think on the LONG TERM Funds




5 – Drawing Competition

1.  Coming Sunday (21st FEB), we are conducting Drawing competition @ Angels Orphan Age. Ravi to arrange Samsung volunteers to conduct the competition. IS members are also requested to confirm there attendance.

2. Objective of this competition is for IS Season Greeting Cards.




6 – India Sudar Sports Club

Currently what we have seen in almost all the Govt Schools there are no Sports Activities. There would be one Sports Period but no sports activities as there are no sports Items available in the Govt. Schools. Hence we have decided to form a “ISSC – India Sudar Sports Club” . Basically we need to define a ISS kit which will have bare minimum sports Items and we can distribute theISS kit to the schools based on the school strength and Levels.



1.      ISS Indoor Kit

a.       Skipping rope – 5 Nos

b.       carrom board – 1 No

c.       chess board – 5 Nos

d.       Tennicoit rings – 5 Nos

e.       hand balls – 5 Nos

f.        Badminton bats – 3 Pair (6 Nos) & 10 Cocks


2.      ISS Outdoor Kit

a.       Cricket Set – 1 Set (Includes – 2 Bat, 4 Wickets, 5 Tennis Balls)

b.       Football – 2 Nos

c.       Basket ball with temporary ready made baskets – 2 Nos


·  The number of items can be decided according to the budget and the school students strength.

·  Based on the ground available in the school we can decide Kit.

·  Hockey needs to be decided, as being a National Game we need to promote but considering the number of Hockey sticks to be given …. Need to take a call :-(

·  Based on the number of students in the school we can decide to give the ISS Kits. For Ex. 2 ISS Indoor Kit & 1 ISS Outdoor Kit.




7 – Separate Account for Misc Funds

 Currently we are using the Members account for rotating the funds for misc activities, this will lead to IT problems for individual. So need to check how a separate account can be created for managing misc funds for activities.

 Uday and Raaghu needs to check with CA for possibilities to get rid from IT problems.




8 – Creative Learning

1.       Raaghu to give updates on the proceedings on this.

2.       Sankara to follow up and come up with more creative learning activites.




9 – Posters & Stickers

Need to prepare the posters and stickers to avoid the confusion/conflits which we had during last Quiz program.