India Sudar

Minutes of Meeting



Meeting Code#1

Date & Time

14 Mar 2004 & 4.00 PM to 6.00 PM


Pangal Park, T.Nagar, Chennai, India.

Presented By

Udhaya Kumar.V


  1. Presentation about organization Vision, Mission, Subscription procedure, Donation Procedure, YahooGroups mail rules and Organization future plan
  2. Project and Project Process (Project Code, Work Code)
  3. Collecting Valuable Ideas From Participants


Organization Total Members #60

  1. Karthik.BV
  2. Karuppuswamy.T
  3. Manigandan
  4. Parthiban.E
  5. Prem Kumar.O.M.
  6. Sargunan.T
  7. Sriram
  8. Udhaya Kumar.V

Points Discussed

Presented Organization objective, rules and regulation

Project Process:


Organization currently working with three projects. Each project is identified by a project code as follows:


Project Code 1: Deploying teachers for certain orphanages to provide educational training continuously.

Project Code 2: Providing Books and Stationeries for identified orphanages.

Project Code 3: Conducting Seminar on Self Development, Technical Improvement, etc


Every project is having iteration type of work, this work is identified by Work Code


For example, Work Code 2.1


2 - Refers Project Code

1 Refers work (every work identified by unique serial number)


Each project will be assigned a Project Manager to monitor the activities

Decided to complete the process of India Sudar registration within a month of Time. (Udhaya Kumar.V residence address will be used for the registration)

Open a Bank Account after the registration of organization

Preparing receipt for donation after the registration of organization

Maintaining the account for Organization

Subject for the India Sudar Admin mail standards are defined