India Sudar Educational and Charitable Trust Guideline
S.NO Section 1: India Sudar Trustees Guideline
1 Trust means “Public working for public to achieve a common vision”. Trustee is the Legal owner and legal leader of the organization to achieve India Sudar vision.
2 The Indian Trusts Act should be followed by Trustees. India Sudar Managing Trustee has 100% power to remove any trustee at any time, if they violate the trust act or guidelines the defined by India Sudar. India Sudar Managing Trustee has 100% power to add new trustee based on trust requirement.
3 Every trustee should bind with themselves with the Primary state team to THINK, PLAN and EXECUTE the activities of the organization. Apart from this, they should initiate Trust board and country level activity to achieve India Sudar vision.
4 Trustee should be involved and guide activity like A) Identify new onsite projects. B) Create new project model. C) Identify and add new partner organization under OCP. D) Build new teams. E) Fund raising activity. G) Advertisements to extend our service. H) Add members, work coordinators. I) Monitor and review ongoing projects by self or existing teams.
5 Trustee should review and approve the project before the team starts the implementation. Trustee should discuss with corresponding state team lead before approval of any project. The combined decision of the trustee and team lead is required for project approval; however trustee decision will be the final and only trustee can sign the project report.
6 Trustee has 100% power to represent India Sudar to any government official, government organization, homes (orphanages), villages or individual to achieve India Sudar vision.
7 Trustee has 100% power to present India Sudar to media with Managing Trustee approval.
8 One 2 One work theories for Trustee: Every trustee has to IDENTIFY and INITIATE new work to achieve our vision. They are the owner for the work and they need to plan, organize and complete their work using the members of their team.
9 Trustee should build more leaders within the organization to extend our service.
10 The Managing Trustee decision will be final at any time for Trustee and Trust board.
S.NO Section 2: Onsite Team Guideline
1 Visit to Villages, orphanages, government schools etc., to identify their educational needs to achieve our vision.
2 Plan and execute project as a Work Coordinator.
3 Identify/Initiate project, Plan, Co-ordinate, Execute the project based on local requirement.
4 Frequent visits to existing onsite project places to monitor and control the project progress.
5 Generate awareness among the public about the necessity of education for children.
6 Design new or exisiting project based on the requirement of the local people to achieve our vision.
7 Create presentations, articles about organization.
8 Refer new members to the organization thereby increasing more contributors to the organization.
9 Generate awareness about the organization.
10 Build more leaders within our team to extend our service to support more students.
S.NO Section 3: Offshore Team Guideline
1 Raise fund for India Sudar projects.
2 Create awareness to add more members in India Sudar to elevate India.
3 Build new offshore team(s) to bring more funds for IS projects.
4 Identify funding organization or fund owners to implement education projects in India.
5 Build next generation education model using new technology which will be implemented in India.
S.NO Section 4: IT Team Guideline
1 Build IS web portal based on our projects, accounts, open charity platform, mom, activity list, team list, etc process.
2 To maintain our web site based on daily/weekly update as needs.
3 Take care of India Sudar blog, orkut community, photo album(picasaweb) and video album (youtube).
4 IT team should provide dedicated person to prepare and publish monthly news letter.
5 IT team will be responsible for all our IT system backups.
S.NO Section 5: India Sudar Member Guideline
1 To become a IS member, a person has to provider their Name, Address, Phone, email id and IS member reference name to join and work with organization to reach India Sudar vision only. India Sudar will assign unique member code for every member.
2 There is no membership registration fee for membership.
3 India Sudar trust having power to accept or reject any membership, if it’s does not meet India Sudar guideline.
4 India Sudar member can donate every month (or) periodic basis like Quarterly, Half yearly and Yearly (or) for specific project (or) when they prefer to do to execute India Sudar projects.
5 India Sudar member will initiate any activities to raise fund for project with Trust approval.
6 India Sudar member should join as team member to execute any educational project in corresponding state with team lead approval. You should follow team rules to execute the project.
7 India Sudar member can work as work coordinator or volunteers to join with any existing team (Indian state wise team) with team lead approval.
8 India Sudar member can bring any education requirement and post it to (or) directly to corresponding team leads (or) Trustees. But project will be selected and execute as per team process only.
9 India Sudar member can recommend any village government school (or) Orphanage-home (or) individual who needs education support. But this task will be selected and executed as per team guidelines only.
10 India Sudar trust board having 100% power to remove any member at any point, if they violate organization rule. Always trust board decision will be the final.
S.NO Section 6: India Sudar Action Board Member Guideline
1 Action board member can initiate any pilot activity to reach our vision.
2 Action board member can play work coordinator role to execute any project. You should execute the project through existing state team(s).
3 Action board member won’t get any team, but they can build their own logical team for any specific pilot project. This pilot project should get approval from trust board before initiation.
4 Action board member can bring new projects specification, model, onsite (India Sudar approved state), partner organization, funding ideas with execution owner as individual leader.
5 Advisory board member can work with any existing team (or) leads (or) trustee to implement there ideas. Always trustees and Leads decision will be final while working with existing team.
6 Action board member while representing India Sudar Trust to government or media should take the approval from the Trust Board.
7 Action board valid only for 12 months. After that India Sudar trust will select the Advisory board member based on Trustees, Leads nomination (vote) and Managing Trustee considerations. AB member can resign at any point of time, by giving a one week of notice.
8 India Sudar trust board has full power to remove any Action board member at any point, if they violate organization rules.
9 Action board member doesn’t have any legal power on Trust. India Sudar Trust board has full power to accept or reject any recommendation proposed by AB member. At any point of time, Managing trustees' decision will be final.
10 Action Board member will work as individual leader, and expected to work with Trust Board members, Team Leaders, Team members, work Coordinator and Partners based on need. You should not violate our organization rules.
S.NO Section 7: India Sudar Open Charity Platform(OCP) Guideline
1 OCP used to share India Sudar and Partner organization experience, projects, site, fund, work coordinators to achieve common vision.
2 will be used for all communication between partners.
3 IS partners will select any project from IS and they can execute on own or with IS based on request.
4 IS partners can support IS project(s) by funding wise and they can monitor.
5 IS and partners will work together in any selected project(s) to achieve common vision.
6 IS members will get first priority while selecting project from OCP.
7 India Sudar Trust board decision will be the final at any conflict situation.
8 India Sudar partner’s organizations don’t have any legal power on India Sudar Trust under OCP.
S.NO Section 8: India Sudar non-member donation Guideline
1 Step 1: The organization has nominated authorized IS donation receiver to collect donation (Cash, DD, Cheque) from non-member & provide donation receipt.
2 Step 2: Donation receiver should deposit donation in India Sudar account using following IS account detail.

Bank Name: ICICI Bank
Branch : Nungambakkam, Chennai, India.
A/C No : 000901112899
Fund Transfer Description: ISN/Donation receiver member code/Donation receipt no
3 Step 3: Send following donation detail to through email.

Donor name:
Donor postal address:
Donor eMail Id: (Optional)
Donor phone: (Optional)
Donation amount:
Donation cheque/dd Information: (Optional)
Donation deposited date:
Donation web transfer description: (Optional)
4 Step 4: India Sudar trust will confirm the non-member donation deposit information through monthly account sheet.
5 Step 5: India Sudar Trust will send tax exception certificate-80G to donor through postal every month.
S.NO Section 9: India Sudar project execution process Guideline
1 Step 1: Education requirement needs to select based on India Sudar project specification. Project can be received from our member, state wise team, partner and our onsite.
2 Step 2: Team lead needs to assign work coordinator to visit and verify the requirement. Work coordinator will visit to the place(Gov school, village, home, individual home) to gather exact requirement(need, cost, beneficiary, authenticity) & submit the report(send complete visit report to to our group/team.
3 Step 3: Team lead and one trustee should review the project requirement based on visit report and cross verification. Team lead and one trustee needs to approve or reject the project based on our trust strategy.
4 Step 4: India Sudar trust will approve the fund from trust itself (or) India Sudar trust will request fund from our member (or) India Sudar trust will forward this requirement to our partner (OCP) to execute this project or for funding.
5 Step 5: India Sudar work coordinator will execute the project using team members and submit project/visit report.
6 Step 6: India Sudar work coordinator should submit signed project report and corresponding supportive mandatory documents (purchase receipt, individual fees paid receipt, mark sheet or certificate for proof) to trust.
S.NO Section 10: India Sudar volunteers ID card guideline
1 India Sudar Volunteers ID card will be issued only to members who visit the Government Schools, Homes and meeting Government officials for any project training/review/execution related purpose. India Sudar Trustee and Team Lead can request(send email to volunteers ID card for any volunteers with the following detail. Trustees and Team lead should review the request before approve any ID request.
2 India Sudar ID card will be printed in English & will contain the following details. India Sudar name, India Sudar Logo, India Sudar URL and admin email Id, Volunteer Name, Volunteer Member code, Volunteer Photo, Card will be stating that “Volunteer, India Sudar”, Issued and Expire Date (Card will be valid 2 years only). Issued at .

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