INDIA SUDAR                                                              
    Monthly Account Sheet January 2005  
    OPEN BALANCE 24,839    
3 97 Dhanalakshmi.S.N (SGD100@26.24) 2,624    
6 7 Prem Kumar.O.M. 100    
7 23 Senthil Nathan.R 1,000    
11 16 Srinivasan.B 100    
24 89 Prakash Arumugam (USD100@43.07) 4,323    
27 47 VenkatRam.S 1,000    
28 2 Karuppuswamy.T 3,000    
28 1 Udhaya Kumar.V 500    
5   BALAGURU KULAM, Monthly Salary Paid. Project Code 1, Work Code 1.1   500  
7   SUYAM CHARITABLE , SIRAGU Montessori School, Monthly Salary Paid, Project Code 1, Work Code 1.2   1,200  
7   Project Code: 2, Work Code: 2.4, Project Name: Providing education stationeries towards Tsunami Relief Aid Work Coordinator: Suresh.R & Karuppuswamy.T, Work Description: Note books issued in PANCHAYAT UNION ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, Akkarapettai, Nagapattinam (District), Tamil Nadu through Suyam Charitable Trust (NGO). Mr.R.Balu is Headmaster for this school. Stationary Description: Distributed ruled, maths, science, 2 lined and 4 lined note books.Total note book: 1000. Benefited Area: The present strength of the school is 750 students.   6,500  
12   Project Code: 2, Work Code: 2.5, Project Name: Providing education stationeries towards Tsunami Relief Aid, Work Coordinator: Suresh.R & Karuppuswamy.T . Work Description: India Sudar have organized relief project in Cuddalore along with Leo club of park town, Chennai. The purpose of this camp is to go all the schools around Cuddalore and distribute the geometry boxes to the Tsunami affected students. As per the plan, we have (Suresh.R) reached the Cuddalore and had meeting with PA to Chief Educational Officer, Manjakuppam, Cuddalore. The total team strength is 9; eight of them are from Leo club and me from India Sudar. The team is split into three groups. each group is assigned with list of schools to visit along with one representative from CEO office. The total number of schools planned to visit is 31. The total team covered 29 schools at the end of visits. Remaining 2 schools were closed before we reach. Stationary Description: Provide geometry boxes to affected students. Total Geometry Boxes: 1,500. Benefited Area: Total Schools visited for the project is 29. Total number of students benefited 1,500   15,000  
13   Paid to NET 4 INDIA LTD, Chennai for domain( and 2MB pace   1,345  
    DONATION / EXPENSE TOTAL (Current Month) 12,647 24,545  
    TOTAL BALANCE (Open Balance + Donation Total ) 37,486    
    CLOSE BALANCE (Total Balance - Expense Total) 12,941    
    * All the transaction in INR (Rs)